ORBCOMM’s unique combination of global satellite and cellular services, coupled with state-of-the-art devices and robust web applications is the M2M industry’s most comprehensive service offering. Our global M2M solutions are designed to track, monitor and control a variety of powered and unpowered assets in key vertical markets such as transportation and logistics, heavy equipment, oil and gas, maritime and government. We are dedicated to providing the most versatile, leading-edge M2M solutions, enabling our customers to maximize operational efficiency, increase asset utilization and improve their bottom line.

No other network offers:

  • Two-way data communications throughout the globe
  • A flexible, cost-effective combination of satellite and cellular data service
  • A single source solution: Multiple networks, one agreement
  • A robust portfolio of M2M solutions - from modems and chip sets to full systems solutions
  • Robust web applications for data reporting and analytics
  • Long-standing customer relationships with industry leaders
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investment in our networks and solutions

Our History

Key Milestones

ORBCOMM Inc. was founded in 1993 by Orbital Sciences Corporation in Dulles, VA. Over the last 15 years, ORBCOMM has successfully established a strong position of leadership, innovation and expertise in the global M2M industry. Some of our key milestones include:


  • Fully Deployed Network of 27 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites


  • New Ownership


  • Won U.S. Coast Guard Contract for Satellite Automatic Identification Service (AIS)


  • Reached 100,000 Subscribers on ORBCOMM Network


  • Public Offering on Nasdaq: ORBC


  • Reached 250,000 Subscribers on ORBCOMM Network


  • Signed Next Generation OG2 contract with SpaceX


  • Launched ORBCOMM Satellite AIS Commercial Service
  • Reached 500,000 Subscribers on ORBCOMM Network


  • Acquired StarTrak Systems, LLC
  • Launched AIS VesselSat 1


  • Acquired PAR Logistics Management Systems
  • Launched AIS VesselSat 2


  • $45M Term Loan with AIG
  • Acquired GlobalTrak
  • Acquired MobileNet, Inc.
  • Acquired Comtech's SENS Asset Tracking Business
  • Reached over 825,000 Subscribers on ORBCOMM Network


  • Acquired Euroscan Group
  • Successfully Launched OG2 Mission 1
  • Completed Credit Agreement with Macquarie Group to Access up to $160 Million
  • Reached over 937,000 Subscribers on ORBCOMM Network (as of November 2014)


  • Acquired SkyWave Mobile Communications
  • Acquired InSync Software, Inc.