Solutions: ORBCOMMconnect

One M2M Technology Platform. Multi-Network Device Management.

M2M Service Delivery Simplified

ORBCOMMconnect is a high-performance service delivery platform designed to reduce the complexity of managing and integrating M2M assets across multiple networks and technologies by consolidating multiple connectivity service offerings into a single, robust and flexible management platform.

The powerful platform seamlessly translates and integrates a uniform set of commands and information to facilitate provisioning, billing and multi-mode access for M2M applications. Users enjoy one-stop, multi-network subscriber management, up to four levels of account structure, smart alerts and automation, a mobile app, and much more.

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Advance reporting with support for pre-defined and custom reports Customizable dashboard with interactive graphs and charts Multi-Tiered Account Structure for complete access control Smart alerts with condition-based actions for better control Subscriber management and provisioning

5 Reasons to Choose ORBCOMMconnect for M2M Service Delivery

1. Multi-Network, One-Stop Shop for Cellular and Satellite Providers
Reduce service complexity and integration via one unified web portal and API for managing and provisioning subscribers across multiple carriers.

2. Multi-Level Account Structure (Up to 4 Levels)
Both small and large enterprises can easily manage subscribers with up to four levels of account structure (Enterprise, Organization, Account, Subaccount) for better visibility, analytics and control. Grant access to end users so they can monitor their own usage.

3. Smart Alerts and Automation
Go beyond simple notifications by assigning account-wide alerts that trigger condition-based actions to control usage overages, subscriber status changes and more.

4. Simple and Intuitive User Interface
Clean, easy-to-navigate user interface gives one-click access to key analytics, customizable tables, and pre-defined or custom reports that load quickly. White label the portal for your brand.

5. Manage Subscribers on the Go
The ORBCOMM Mobile App, available for iOS or Android, enables you to view and manage subscriber status from the palm of your hand.