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The need for greater asset security, visibility and accountability has never been higher. ORBCOMM-enabled remote mobile tracking and monitoring services are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of government agencies in the US and abroad.

  • Supply Chain Visibility

    When moving supplies in and out of the wartime theater or ensuring homeland security through monitoring the cargo in your ports, it is critical to have an industry leader at your side that you can trust. From tractor trailers to cargo containers to rail cars, our global satellite, cellular and dual-mode tracking solutions enable constant situational awareness. Ensure that your supplies arrive on time and protect your borders and transportation corridors with ORBCOMM.

  • Remote Asset Tracking

    Often important assets such as generators or other large pieces of equipment are left to operate in far flung, remote areas. They may be powered or they may be without power. It is critical to know where every piece of equipment is at all times in order to reduce costs and improve the deployment and usage of these assets. Our solutions are designed to track, monitor and report even when they do not have a power source connected to them.

  • Maritime Identification

    ORBCOMM's satellite AIS service can monitor maritime vessels well beyond coastal regions in near-real-time and at a low cost. We provide a reliable resource for port authorities and government agencies to help prevent environmental disasters and ensure the safety of mariners and cargo through constant monitoring. Access to accurate, reliable and timely data about the position and status of a vessel and its crew can greatly improve response time in an emergency situation.

  • Cargo Theft Prevention

    Securing fuel on the Afganistan border is no easy task. Our state-of-the-art fuel monitoring system was designed and selected by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to prevent theft of mission-critical fuel used by U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. This solution features an integrated tracking device that delivers near-real-time location, fuel level and security status of fuel tankers using dual-mode communications, which blend satellite and cellular connectivity.

Track. Locate. Monitor.

Improve your knowledge and situational understanding of what is happening in the field in near-real-time.

  • Broad Government Applications

    Our solution suites and data service management tools are versatile and unique for structured monitoring of almost any mission need.

    • Military & Civil Logistics
    • Fixed Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Mobile Asset Tracking
    • Vessel Monitoring Services (VMS)
    • Homeland Security
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Cargo Security
    • Remote Surveillance
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  • Flexible Technology

    Every situation requires a slightly different approach. ORBCOMM's robust suite of communication platforms, hardware and data services are unmatched in the market today.

    • Multiple Global Satellite Networks
    • Tier 1 Cellular Networks
    • AIS Satellite Data Service
    • Dual-Mode Capability
    • Ruggedized Hardware
    • Robust Web Applications
    • Custom Data Feed Integration

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