Monitor vessels beyond coastal regions quickly and effectively.

Enhanced open ocean visibility.

Maximize your global maritime safety and security by knowing where every vessel is located, where it is going and when it will arrive at its destination on demand.

  • Global Coverage

    In the past few years, global maritime and port authorities have begun using Automatic Identification System (AIS) services to track vessels coming in and out of their coastal waters and ports by detecting vessels with shore-based AIS receivers. These terrestrial-based systems provide only limited shore-based coverage and are not able to provide global, open ocean coverage. ORBCOMM's satellite AIS solution can monitor maritime vessels well beyond coastal regions in near-real-time and at a low cost.

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  • Assisting Vessels In Distress

    For vessels in distress, ORBCOMM’s satellite AIS service can identify exactly where a vessel is located anywhere in the world even if it continues to drift from the distress location. Access to accurate, reliable and timely data about the position and status of a vessel and its crew can greatly improve response time by focusing search and rescue resources to a specific area and enhancing overall rescue coordination. Most importantly, satellite AIS data can help minimize damage to and loss of the vessel, potentially saving lives.

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  • Protecting Marine Resources

    Providing access to timely, accurate vessel data is instrumental in supporting fisheries management, environmental protection and operational compliance programs in global waterways. From the prevention of marine pollution incidents to the enforcement of fishery regulations to vessel traffic management, ORBCOMM's AIS service provides a complete picture of vessel activity worldwide. We provide a reliable resource for vessel owners, operators, port authorities, and government agencies to help prevent environmental disasters, enforce fishery regulations, enhance maritime safety, and help proper authorities take immediate action when needed.

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  • Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness

    The benefits of ORBCOMM's AIS service in helping maritime authorities enhance maritime domain awareness and surveillance through detection, identification and analysis have been revolutionary. By providing vessel data, including vessel identification, cargo status and notice of arrival for port authorities, security and intelligence departments around the world can quickly react to anomalies at sea such as suspicious movements, route deviation and other unusual behavior.From more efficient management of port traffic, to support of national surveillance initiatives, to collision avoidance, ORBCOMM is helping to keep global waterways safe and secure.

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  • White Paper

    Discover the facts that are essential when deciding on which Satellite AIS system to use. This includes a closer look at whether Spectrum Decollision Processing (SDP) is effective on-board a satellite; the advantages of multiple satellites frequently passing over the same area to collect AIS data and the benefit of an extensive ground station infrastructure.

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  • Understanding Satellite AIS

    Satellite AIS White Paper

Unmatched performance.

ORBCOMM’s satellite AIS data service leverages our extensive worldwide ground infrastructure and a proven and reliable satellite network to provide unmatched coverage and performance.

  • Flexible Solution

    AIS is a shipboard broadcast system that transmits a vessel’s identification, position and other critical data to provide the most complete and timely situational picture of vessel activity worldwide. Applications include:

    • Maritime domain awareness
    • Surveillance and security
    • Data integration with other sensors
    • Search and rescue
    • Logistical tracking and reporting
    • Energy and commodity management
    • Incident investigation
    • Counter-piracy applications
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Area of operation compliance
  • Shipboard Data

    Whether at sea or in port, ORBCOMM provides connectivity to your marine fleet anywhere on the globe to enable safer, more efficient maritime operations whether your fleet consists of five vessels or 500.

    • Manage and monitor your entire fleet anywhere
    • Enhance safety with timely data for all waterway users
    • Reduce delays via route optimization and traffic management
    • Collect data to drive decisions, policies and procedures
    • Support homeland security and law enforcement activities
    • Analyze and manage incidents
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