Oil & Gas

Ensure continuous operation of critical machinery, no matter how remote.

Avoid equipment failures. Think remote monitoring.

We know that it's absolutely necessary to know the current status of equipment and identify problems as they occur. But you don't need to do that with the costly and inefficient process of sending field operators to verify the status of each site.

  • Proactive Monitoring & Control

    We offer advanced solutions that can be used to monitor flow measurement, tank-level, compressors and remote equipment. Critical alerts are sent via email or voice when predetermined parameters are violated. The near-real-time notification allows operators to quickly identify and rectify problems and efficiently reduce equipment downtime and revenue losses.

  • Continuous Communication

    You can't afford your assets to be outside of coverage. With ORBCOMM's powerful, redundant network of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and proven ground infrastructure, we provide global coverage for your remote assets anywhere in the world. So you can focus on your operations with the peace of mind that your equipment is being monitored continuously.

Connect with fixed and mobile assets.

Get an accurate status of stored and transported tank and pipeline levels, capacity, security, and functionality on demand.

  • Information at your finger tips

    ORBCOMM’s global communications network enables oil and gas companies to easily connect their fixed and mobile assets with enterprise applications anywhere in the world for optimal logistics management. Our proven data communications network allows you to access precise, near-real-time data such as:

    • Inventory management
    • Pipeline maintenance
    • Environmental, safety and quality measurement
    • Remote command & control
    • GPS location
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  • Smart information for smarter decisions

    Having access to this important data no matter where your assets are located will enable you to:

    • Maximize inventory management and control
    • Decrease inventories and allocate resources more efficiently
    • Forecast refill schedules via dynamic consumption trending
    • Increase security and prevent theft through accurate reports
    • Reduce costs associated with on-site maintenance and reporting
    • Ensure safety requirements and policies are being met to prevent leaks, explosions and environmental disasters

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