Agriculture Management: Remotely monitor equipment and sensors for improved operations, anywhere in Africa

Monitor African agriculture operations cost-effectively and in real-time

ORBCOMM remote agriculture management technology delivers alerts and reports from remote sites, helping to improve delivery, regulation, analysis and response. Rugged Internet of Things (IoT) devices and multi-network cellular and satellite connectivity combine to enable you to reduce costs, improve processes and save time in agriculture operations throughout Africa:

  • Develop smarter irrigation practices for more efficient agriculture operations
  • Lower operating costs, water consumption and improve yields using leaf and soil moisture sensors
  • Make informed decisions about when and for how long to irrigate fields
  • Gather data to optimize fertilizer and pesticide application
  • Reduce water pollution from leaching
  • Get accurate location tracking of equipment and vehicles, with up to 2.5-m accuracy
  • Monitor the safety and whereabouts of mobile workers
  • ...and much more!

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