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Supercharging Satellite IoT and M2M Solutions for VARs and System Integrators

ORBCOMM enables the delivery of industrial IoT solutions globally for over 400 value-added resellers (VARs) and solution providers, who integrate our leading satellite and cellular communications hardware and services across a broad range of industries. Leveraging over 25 years of trusted expertise, our technology lets you diversify your portfolio to enter existing and emerging IoT markets.

We quicken your time to market and speed your path to revenue by providing all the technology, building blocks and support you need to take the complexity out of developing industrial IoT solutions.

ORBCOMM provides the most complete set of hardware, connectivity, tools, professional services and support that allow you to track, monitor, and control your customers’ assets. We have deep experience in vertical markets such as transportation, maritime, utilities and heavy equipment among many others.

Many Offering



ORBCOMM offers a comprehensive suite of satellite, cellular and dual-mode terminals and modems for a variety of asset tracking and monitoring applications.




ORBCOMM offers unparalleled choice and flexibility for IoT connectivity. We are a global satellite network operator, a provider of cellular service and IoT SIMs, and an integrator of third-party satellite networks and technology.


Development Kits, Tools, and Apps

dev kit

ORBCOMM's development kits, software toolkit and terminal apps provide all the building blocks you need to accelerate your IoT solution development time and speed your path to revenue.


Professional Services & Support


From helping you get started, to administrative and technical support, to getting you one-on-one access to our professional services, our customer care experts are dedicated to helping you succeed.


Why Partner with ORBCOMM?

Tools, Services and Support to Simplify Industrial IoT Solution Development

ORBCOMM has over 400 VARs and partners worldwide that take our technology to the next level. Going to market through our VARs and partners is by far the best way for us to address the customized solutions customers are asking for and to deliver them to global markets.

Our VARs develop custom solutions for:

  • specific niche markets,
  • highly customized customer requirements,
  • customers who require greater flexibility,
  • specific geographies,
  • and in many cases a combination of all four.

ORBCOMM is a pioneer with an eye to the future. We began 25 years ago, providing machine to machine communication on our own satellite network. We’ve been connecting enterprise assets since then, way before the Internet of Things was a thing. Today ORBCOMM is a leader in industrial Internet of Things solutions. Our 2.4 million subscribers are a testament to the number of partners who have trusted us to help grow their businesses.

Our engineers, technical resources and customer support team ensure we deliver the best technology, support, and resources to help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

ORBCOMM has the financial strength, the employees and the deep technical and market experience to assure your customers that no matter what the size or complexity of the project, together, we can get the solution delivered on time and exceed their expectations.

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“ORBCOMM’s field application engineers helped us to meet tight customer deadlines and exceed customer expectations by working closely with us and allowing us to leverage their technical expertise.”

Nawaaf AlShalani, Group CEO, Machinestalk