IoT Asset Tracking

The Next Generation of IoT Asset Tracking

Enables the management of assets in the world’s most isolated regions.
ST 6100

Global Satellite Terminal

The ST 6100 allows users to communicate with industrial assets using global satellite connectivity to enable new use cases in utilities, energy and other industries.

Connectivity You Can Count On

Deliver uninterrupted visibility in world’s most remote locations.
  • icon Easy Integration
    Leverage a broad set of integration tools, development kits and terminal apps to get your IoT and M2M solutions to market quickly.
  • icon Versatile and Fully Programmable
    Configurable applications and custom scripts can accommodate basic or complex deployments on land or at sea.
  • icon Comprehensive and Feature-Rich
    Use the latest IoT technology to future-proof your solution and provide you with a comprehensive feature set at great value.
  • icon Uninterrupted Connectivity
    With powerful satellite connectivity connecting devices virtually anywhere, your customers can rest easy knowing assets won’t go dark.
  • icon Unparalleled Customer Support
    Available to solution providers and system integrators as part of an easy-to-use development kit, including activations, airtime and support.

Fishing Vessel Monitoring System Aids Thai Maritime Authorities

ETNECA relies on ORBCOMM satellite connectivity to help catch illegal and unreported fishing in Thai waters.
Satellite terminal

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