Chassis Tracking

Chassis Tracking

Complete visibility for smarter chassis operations.

Chassis Traceability Made Easy

Reduce procurement costs, optimize inventory management and more with data.
  • Gain Complete Chassis Visibility

    Chassis GPS location data shows you exactly where assets are, if they’re mounted/unmounted, when they last moved and when they entered/exited a specified location.
  • Minimize Losses

    Reduce the number of lost or missing chassis and avoid expenses associated with replenishing or writing off inventory. Avoid chassis misuse and ensure proper storage.
  • Increase Utilization

    Assess the utilization of your chassis pools at different terminals to allocate the right amount of inventory and reduce dwell time and the number of idle assets at each site.
  • Improve Customer Service

    Deliver a better customer experience with accurate ETAs, on-time deliveries, precise billing and enroute location tracking.
  • Drive Profitability

    Reduce dwell times and identify unused assets to get chassis back into service and making money. Examine trip history and accurately bill for late returns.

The Smart Chassis Difference

Tools to help enhance chassis management.
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    Chassis GPS Location
    Pinpoint every chassis in virtually any location.
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    Movement Reports
    Get notified when an asset’s journey begins and ends.
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    Smart Geofences
    Use virtual fences to run dwell reports on specific locations.
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    Built-In Accelerometer
    Get more frequent location reports when a chassis is in motion.
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    Status Change Events
    Determine if a chassis is bare or mounted at any time.
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    Flexible Power Options
    Draw power from the chassis or use long-lasting back-up battery.
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    Easy to Install
    Integrated antenna and intuitive mounting with tape or screws.
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    Covert and Discreet
    Deter theft and tampering with a compact, discreet install.
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    Built to Last
    Rugged for extreme weather, dust, water, shock and vibration.

Chassis Management Solutions

Smart solutions designed for any location and environment.
Remote Chassis Management

Remote Chassis Management

  • Reduce lost assets with pinpoint tracking.
  • Win business through accurate delivery estimates.
  • Improve utilization with location data.
  • Inform asset allocation by leveraging insights.
  • Durable solutions built for any environment.
  • Save labor with remote chassis interaction.
Chassis with ORBCOMM

Control your Chassis with ORBCOMM

Learn how to use the power of data to streamline intermodal management.
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