Mastering Reefer Management Made Easy

Reduce cargo losses and operating costs with a smart reefer container monitoring system.

The power of data

Cut costs, minimize risk and improve customer service across global intermodal transport networks.
  • Protect Cargo and Reduce Damage/Claims

    Track and troubleshoot climate conditions in real time, identify deviations and make remote changes to settings to ensure cargo integrity.
  • Improve Fleet Management and Utilization

    Eliminate black holes and improve utilization with GPS tracking to gain full asset visibility on road, rail or sea.
  • Eliminate Manual Inspections

    Perform automated pre-trip inspections that would normally take up to 6 hours. Reduce labor costs, improve crew safety and expedite asset turns at port.
  • Awareness Through Alerts

    Receive customizable, automated alarms for malfunctions and critical issues, enabling rapid response to help reduce cargo claims and damage.
  • Ensure Compliance and Improve Service

    Capture data for food traceability and receive a full audit trail to ensure compliance with USDA, FSMA and other regulations.

Platform Perks

Dive deep into container data across your operations.
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    Container GPS Tracking
    GPS, motion detection, geofencing and more.
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    Reefer Data Reporting
    Schedule reefer status, health and vital sign reports.
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    Alarms and Notifications
    Prevent spoilage claims with automated notifications and alarms.
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    Pre-Trip Inspections
    Automate pre-trip inspections (PTIs).
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    Every Asset, One Platform
    Manage containers, chassis, gensets, railcars and more.
Smart Reefer Monitoring

Smart Reefer Monitoring

  • Stay connected to temperature-sensitive cargo.
  • Receive alerts when set parameters deviate.
  • Ensure compliance for highly-regulated goods.
  • Maximize reefer utilization with location data.
  • Limit manual inspections through automation.
Reap Reefer Benefits Today

Reap Reefer Benefits Today

Bring intelligence to your reefer management to improve visibility and enhance operational intelligence.
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