Trailer Tracking

Commercial trailer tracking systems

Intelligent trailer monitoring for dry van trailer fleets.

Industry’s top choice for trailer GPS

Whether you own 25 or 25,000 trailers, smart telematics enable data-driven decisions.
Fleet Visibility

Gain Complete Trailer Visibility

Track dry van trailers on one platform. Optional satellite for reliable, always-on dual-mode connectivity outside of cellular.

Increase Trailer Utilization

Monitor trailer utilization at customer sites and optimize trailer pools by redeploying under-utilized assets. Improve trailer-to-tractor ratios and turn times.

Minimize Trailer Detention Time

Receive alerts when trailers are detained at customer locations beyond what the contract allows. Get usage reports and load/unload times by location.

Protect Cargo

Use smart sensor and camera technology to monitor cargo 24/7 with geofences and alerts for tampering, unauthorized use or unscheduled loading/unloading.

Simplify Deployment

Quickly install on any trailer to keep assets on the road longer. Easily integrate with TMS, ERP and dispatch systems for a centralized view of trailer data.

A Complete Solution

Bring intelligence to every element of your fleet.
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    Trailer GPS Tracking
    See the position of every trailer in real time.
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    Proven design with no maintenance for up to 10 years.
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    Create virtual fences to get alerts of key movements.
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    Smart Sensors
    Extensive support for door, temperature and cargo sensors.
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    Tractor ID
    Automatically detect and pair the right tractor with the right trailer.
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    Cargo Camera
    High-definition cargo camera sensors show available trailer space.
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    Custom Reports and Analytics
    Monitor engine health, fuel consumption, inventory and more.
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    Utilization Reports
    Ensure assets are being maximized by setting geofences.
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    Fast, Easy Install
    Keep trailers on the road, driving revenue for your fleet.
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    Built to withstand extreme weather, dust, shock and vibration.
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    Backup Satellite
    Optional satellite for reliable dual mode outside of cellular.
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    Fully Integrated
    Integrate data into top TMS, third-party apps and ERP systems.
ORBCOMM Platform

Analyze all your trailer data in one convenient location

Simplify trailer management, improve trailer utilization and monitor detention on a single cloud-based platform.

Trailer Tracking Devices and Sensors

Everything you need to power your trailer GPS solution.
Trailer Utilization

Customer Experience: Trailer Utilization

  • Reduce deadhead miles with trailer visibility.
  • Ensure cargo quality through temperature tracking.
  • Leverage data to improve trailer productivity.
  • Deliver accurate estimates with location tracking.
Trailer tracking

Drive Productivity with ORBCOMM

Stay connected with trailers in tow by using insightful data and innovative tech that boosts efficiency.
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