Trailer Tracking

Commercial Trailer Tracking Systems

Intelligent asset monitoring for dry van trailer fleets.

Tracking with Ease

Leverage smart telematics to enable data-driven decisions for your fleet.
Fleet Visibility

Complete Visibility and Efficiency

Increase utilisation and keep assets in rotation with accurate trailer tracking, utilisation reports and proactive maintenance.


Improve customer service and get more accurate ETAs for a better customer experience with geofences and watch box alerts.

Mitigate Against Theft

Use geofences to track the location of trailer inventory.

Avoid Overloads

Eliminate fines for overloaded trailers and manage overloads using EBS brake data.

Improve Preventive Maintenance

Increase efficiency by proactively scheduling preventative trailer maintenance.
ORBCOMM Platform

Analyze all your trailer data in one convenient location

Simplify trailer management, improve trailer utilization and monitor detention on a single cloud-based platform.

Trailer Tracking Devices and Sensors

Everything you need to power your trailer GPS solution.
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Trailer Utilization

Customer Experience: Trailer Utilization

  • Reduce deadhead miles with trailer visibility.
  • Ensure cargo quality through temperature tracking.
  • Leverage data to improve trailer productivity.
  • Deliver accurate estimates with location tracking.
Trailer tracking

Drive Productivity with ORBCOMM

Stay connected with trailers in tow by using insightful data and innovative tech that boosts efficiency.
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