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We are committed to putting our values into action.

What We Care About

ORBCOMM aspires to the highest standards of openness, honesty, sustainability and accountability. We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and work to continuously improve standards of conduct and integrity for our customers and employees, minimizing our impact on the environment and improving the quality of our communities.

Get the full story: read the 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

Focus On

Focus On:

  • Conducting ourselves responsibly
  • Creating a positive, diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Supporting local communities
  • Improving service quality for customers
  • Acting fairly in deals with third parties
  • Minimizing environmental impact
Ethical Conduct

Ethical Conduct

We believe the best way to do business is fairly and transparently. We expect our employees to conduct themselves in accordance with our Standards of Business Conduct.
Upon commencement of employment and annually in subsequent years with ORBCOMM, all employees renew their commitment to this policy by signing a statement that they agree to abide by these standards. In addition, ORBCOMM’s employee handbooks are geographically specific, reflecting the legal, social and ethical customs and practices that support ORBCOMM’s philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally.”


With employees in 25 countries, we strive to build a diverse workforce and create a vibrant culture where all employees can thrive and feel a sense of belonging.
We have the most talented and dedicated employees in the industry, and believe that strength comes from leveraging the broad expertise, individual skills and unique perspectives of people from different communities, backgrounds and cultures. We have offices and employees around the world or better support our global customer base.
Our corporate culture encourages a collaborative and inclusive environment based on camaraderie, teamwork and mutual respect where everyone has a voice and can make an impact on contributing to ORBCOMM’s success regardless of their position in the Company.

Harassment Prevention

Our employees are confident that ORBCOMM provides a safe and secure workplace in compliance with our Global Violence & Harassment Policy.
Individuals can also anonymously contact the Legal & Compliance Department through the ORBCOMM hotline at 1-844-884-0119 or visit here to locate international local numbers for the hotline.
ORBCOMM is committed to providing a fair and harassment-free working environment. We respond to all complaints or incidents of workplace harassment in a fair and timely manner. Harassment should not be ignored, as silence can and often is interpreted as acceptance.
To help our employees understand what is expected of them, we provide comprehensive training in areas such as workplace violence or bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and more.
Social Justice

Social Justice

We conduct ethical business with the goal of ensuring that our vendors and suppliers comply with these standards as outlined in our Vendor/Supplier Code of Conduct.
ORBCOMM respects the legal, moral and ethical standards of the jurisdictions where and with whom we do business and forbids all types of fraud, bribery and corruption in all countries. We do not support any form of forced labor, including child labor and slavery, as well as all forms of mental and physical coercion, and are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our global employees. In support of these commitments, employees who have serious concerns about ORBCOMM’s adherence to our business code of conduct and ethics should report them in accordance the procedure outlined in our Whistleblower Policy.

Conflict minerals compliance

ORBCOMM and its affiliates support the international community’s concerns related to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other regions by ensuring our business does not contribute to any human rights violations. You can learn more in our Conflict Minerals Compliance Policy.
While we don’t directly purchase raw material to create our products, ORBCOMM adheres to the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines, using the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition – Global E-Sustainability Initiative (EICC-GESI) reporting template to inquire about conflict minerals when working with our suppliers to trace the source of conflict minerals to their smelt or mine origin. Our goal is to ensure the supply chain is free from any materials connected to human rights violations, working towards sustainable sourcing that prioritizes conflict-free procurement practices.


Environmental responsibility is a key focus for ORBCOMM. Our commitment to environmentally-sound practices is outlined in our Environmental Sustainability Policy.
We make efficient use of materials across our technological innovation and manufacturing operations to help protect the planet. ORBCOMM is focused on developing state-of-the-art solutions that help our customers reduce their ecological footprint and promote a green economy. Our industry-leading trailer tracking devices are self-powered with solar recharging technology for low and efficient power consumption and long service life, which eliminates the need for frequent battery changes. Our best-in-class fleet management solutions help customers with fuel management, route optimization and driver behavior to maximize fuel efficiency, decrease idling, minimize CO2 emissions and reduce aggressive driving. Through our industry-leading cold-chain monitoring solutions, ORBCOMM enables customers to protect refrigerated cargo and deliver properly cooled food and pharmaceuticals to customers, reducing spoilage and wasted loads.
ORBCOMM’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) service provides a full picture of vessel traffic to enhance ocean protection and compliance programs and help prevent Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. Other ORBCOMM maritime solutions include vessel monitoring system (VMS) as well as buoy monitoring for tracking oil spills and transmitting environmental data at sea. In the oil and gas industry, ORBCOMM monitors and controls remote field equipment and sensors, to detect pipeline leaks and spills and other hazardous conditions.
In addition, ORBCOMM’s satellite and satellite-cellular solutions provide an easy and cost-effective way to connect people even in the most remote areas of the world to vital communications equipment during times of distress to facilitate better emergency preparedness, quicker evacuations and improved logistics during post-disaster crisis management. From providing the communication link for flood modeling software to tracking vehicles and containers during storms, ORBCOMM’s satellite connectivity provides a reliable way to transmit routine information before, during and after extreme weather events and fills in the communication gaps when cellular is no longer an option.


From serving dinner at the homeless shelter to organizing clothing drives, ORBCOMM employees are helping make a difference in our communities.
As part of our company-wide commitment to give back to the local communities where we have offices around the world, ORBCOMM supports a number of service organizations through volunteer work and collection-based donations.

Child labor prevention

ORBCOMM supports efforts to prevent child labour in its supply chain. Read our policy in connection with Canada’s recently passed law s-211 regarding disclosure of Forced/Child Labour Risks in the company supply chain.
Contact ORBCOMM’s ESG Committee

Contact ORBCOMM’s ESG Committee

Reach out to ORBCOMM’s ESG Committee to learn more about what we stand for and how we are creating a more diverse and sustainable future for ORBCOMM and the world.
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