Reefer Container

Reefer container temperature monitoring

Complete visibility and control of reefer containers at sea.

Smart reefer management

Get actionable data to drive better business decisions.
  • See, even at sea

    See through blind spots using multi-network IoT connectivity from terrestrial, satellite, AIS data and innovative vessel-based networks.
  • Streamline operations

    Reduce costs and boost efficiency with remote pre-trip inspections (PTI) and predictive maintenance to keep assets in service and making money.
  • Protect cargo

    Reduce claims, theft and insurance premiums with AI-driven alerts that enable you to remotely correct temperatures before loads are compromised.
  • Share data across platforms

    Seamless interoperability lets you integrate data from third-party devices into third-party enterprise systems to support data and vessel sharing partnerships.
  • Exceed customer expectations

    Meet the increasing demand for shipment visibility and traceability to gain a competitive edge, improve customer retention and mitigate supply chain risk.
  • Deploy with ease

    The cost-effective CT 3600 reefer monitoring device can be installed in the reefer container without drilling for quick solution deployment, avoiding potential container damage, lowering the risk of tampering or theft and reducing third-party installation costs.

The value of smart containers

Learn how your business can benefit from smart container tech.
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    GPS container management
    Remote reefer container temperature monitoring and control.
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    Seamless interoperability
    Easily share data across different devices and platforms.
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    Global network connectivity
    SIM (2G, 3G, 4G), Bluetooth, and more.
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    Easy data log access
    Remotely access data logs without field work.
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    24/7 live monitoring
    Manages exceptions and resolves issues around the clock.
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    Satellite AIS
    Supplement with satellite AIS data to see any container.
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    Every asset. One platform
    Manage containers, chassis, gensets, railcars and more.
Smart Container

Smart reefer container platform

The ORBCOMM Maritime platform is the world’s leading application for remote control of refrigerated containers and cargo.

Smart container hardware

Enhance container management with the latest reefer container solutions.
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Container Management

Container management

  • Stay connected to your containers anywhere.
  • Monitor key parameters remotely around the clock.
  • Remote pre-trip inspections save time and money.
  • Track guest reefers without financial investment.
  • Share data across any platform at any time.
  • Reduce excessive idling, under-utilized assets.

Rely on tech for reefer control

Learn how data-driven solutions by ORBCOMM can help enhance your reefer container management.
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