Reefer Monitoring

Master Reefer Management

Trust ORBCOMM for remote reefer monitoring anywhere, anytime.

Cold chain monitoring you can trust

Control your reefer trailers across the cold supply chain with smart telematics.
Reduce Claims

Quality Assurance

Ensure cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range.
Simplify Compliance

Accepted on Arrival

Minimise temperature-related load rejections and reduce costly spoilage claims.
Save On Fuel

Protect Fuel

Read data from fuel sensors and send alarms in the event of rapid fuel loss or theft.
Streamline Handoffs

Eliminate Audit Worries

Use standalone temperature recorders for reliable temperature reports.
Access Critical Temperature

Access critical temperature data anytime, anywhere

Get the data you need to drive reefer management and ensure compliance in one location—the ORBCOMM platform.

Reefer Monitoring Solutions and Sensors

Everything you need to manage your reefer trailers as they travel.
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Reefer Management

Customer Experience: Reefer Management

  • Ensure cargo quality through temperature tracking.
  • Save fuel by optimizing reefer usage.
  • Simplify temperature documentation for handoff.
  • Reduce insurance claims with temperature audits.
Keep Cool

Keep Cool with ORBCOMM

Take control of your sensitive cargo with a temperature tracking solution that ensures quality from start to finish and reduces unnecessary insurance claims.
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