Reefer Monitoring

Advanced reefer monitoring and telematics solutions

Protect perishable goods with intelligent reefer monitoring.

Cold chain monitoring you can trust

Control your reefer trailers across the cold supply chain with smart telematics.
Reduce Claims

Reduce Claims

Avoid lost revenue from spoilage claims with remote monitoring, alarms and remote control, even outside of cellular.
Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance

Make compliance easy with a dedicated FSMA module. Compile, store and access temperature data at any time for proof of cold chain integrity.
Save On Fuel

Save on Fuel

Help detect rapid fuel loss, theft and improper invoicing while preventing wasted spend from unnecessary continuous run and extended reefer usage.
Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Optimize asset utilization, turn times and tractor-to-trailer ratios with fleet reports and geofences. Reduce detention, minimize downtime and improve customer service.
Streamline Handoffs

Streamline Handoffs

Ensure loads maintain proper temperatures when switching hands to preserve cold chain integrity and minimize risk.

A Suite of Reefer Management Tools

Leverage these features to run a stronger reefer fleet.
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    Reefer GPS Tracking
    See the position of every trailer in any location.
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    Remote Commands
    Change temperature and perform inspections from the office.
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    Seamless Integration
    Integrate with leading OEMs including Carrier and Thermo King.
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    Everything you need to comply within one platform.
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    Automated Alerts
    Get alerts for temperature changes, malfunctions and misuse.
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    Temperature Charts
    Dynamic reefer temperature charts that are easy to share.
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    Fuel Analytics
    Use data to optimize fleet performance and fuel economy.
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    Smart Geofences
    Get notified of key movements, departures and arrivals.
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    Backup Satellite
    Eliminate "black spots" in network coverage with dual mode connectivity.
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    Fully Integrated
    Integrate data into TMS, third-party apps and ERP systems.
Access Critical Temperature

Access critical temperature data anytime, anywhere

Get the data you need to drive reefer management and ensure compliance in one location—the ORBCOMM platform.

Reefer Monitoring Solutions and Sensors

Everything you need to manage your reefer trailers as they travel.
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Reefer Management

Customer Experience: Reefer Management

  • Ensure cargo quality through temperature tracking.
  • Save fuel by optimizing reefer usage.
  • Simplify temperature documentation for handoff.
  • Reduce insurance claims with temperature audits.
Keep Cool

Keep Cool with ORBCOMM

Take control of your sensitive cargo with a temperature tracking solution that ensures quality from start to finish and reduces unnecessary insurance claims.
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