Maximize crop yield with intelligent farm tech

Smart agriculture management and monitoring enabled by satellite IoT.
Optimize Crop Yields

Optimize Crop Yields

Monitor rainfall, evaporation, soil moisture, temperature and more to ensure ideal, crop-specific growing conditions and achieve optimal harvest.

Enable Smarter Irrigation

Improve irrigation practices and enable early detection of machine failure to preserve water while reducing costs, site visits and time.

Minimize Plant Losses

Track plant health to compare against historical trends and effectively mitigate negative effects.

Improve Crop Storage

Monitor temperature and humidity in grain silos and crop storage bags to ensure the quality of stored grain.

Enhance Safety

Monitor off-gassing in grain silos to ensure the safety of farm workers. Plus, improve vehicle fleet safety with proactive voice coaching to change driver behavior.
Unlocking Potential
Support your farming customers with the latest in satellite IoT
Develop winning IoT solutions for monitoring soil, equipment, weather and more with OGx: our next-generation satellite IoT service.

Smart Agriculture Hardware

Work smarter—not harder—with ruggedized agriculture tech that drives productivity.
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Customer Experience: Simplify agriculture

  • Remotely monitor soil moisture at any time.
  • Keep track of your expensive farming equipment.
  • Update your devices without going to the field.
  • React as soon as machines fail to preserve crops.
  • Compare historical trends to optimize harvest.
  • Monitor driving behavior to keep farmers safe.

Grow Faster with ORBCOMM

Agribusinesses and farmers use ORBCOMM technology to save precious time, water and money with actionable data.
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