The ultimate satellite IoT

The ultimate satellite IoT building block

Power your IoT project with our embeddable satellite terminal.
ST 6000

Simplify IoT engineering

The ST 6000 satellite terminal is fully programmable with comprehensive resources for quick deployment.

Connectivity You Can Count On

Deliver uninterrupted visibility in world’s most remote locations.
  • icon Easy development
    Program quickly with Lua scripting engine, GUI development tools and device-level apps.
  • icon Customizable and flexible
    Create, test and deploy certified, innovative solutions quickly worldwide.
  • icon Versatile interfaces
    Including multiple I/Os, analog/digital, 2 RS232 and a 3-axis accelerometer.
  • icon Optimized for solution development
    The ST 6000 has a small footprint and extensive tools to support integration into a range of solutions.
  • icon Everything you need
    Includes development, testing and production environments, code samples, technical support and more.
Satellite terminal

The pioneer in satellite IoT

Start building with industry-leading ORBCOMM satellite technology today.
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