Container Vessel Networks

Container Vessel Tracking

Minimize cargo damage and reduce operating costs while improving crew safety and efficiency.

See, Even at Sea

Locally monitor temperature, humidity and more on the ship and through the cloud.
  • Minimize cargo loss and damage

    Track and manage containers and ensure compliance and cargo integrity in open water with up-to-date reefer reports, critical alarms and remote reefer commands.
  • Expedite distribution

    Use temperature and environment data to more efficiently allocate containers to optimize cargo shelf life and minimize loss due to spoilage.
  • Install and integrate with ease

    Install in as little as six hours with minimal infrastructure. Integrate easily with existing vessel LAN and satellite systems, be that FBB, VSAT or other.
  • Enhance crew safety and efficiency

    Improve crew safety by eliminating walking the decks and climbing ladders in perilous conditions.
  • Leverage open architecture

    Deploy easily on ships of various shapes and sizes, including conventional container vessels, barges and roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) and ConRo ships.
Container Communications

Container Communications

  • Data interoperability simplifies vessel management.
  • Easy to deploy for large fleets.
  • Empowers staff with connected tech.
  • Track containers with reporting and alerts.
  • Improve crew safety with remote container checks.
  • Reduce cargo losses using temperature data.

Winning on the Water

Earn more business with tools that help you stay connected at sea.
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    Keep Containers in Sight
    See all bays and containers in an intuitive interface.
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    Cost-Effective and Low Infrastructure
    Communicate onboard vessels with wireless local data network.
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    Status Reports Alerts
    Provided to deck crews on mobile and office crews on computers.
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    Global Best Network Connectivity
    Always-on, least cost routing to save your fleet money.
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    Future Proof
    NBIoT-ready technology backwards compatible with legacy networks.
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    Smart Sensor Support
    LoRa WAN™ sensors overcome Bluetooth penetration limitations.
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    Share data from multiple telematics vendors on one platform.
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    Quick Fix
    Install in under six hours for fast vessel redeployment.
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    Seamless Interoperability
    Ensure DCSA standards compliance with simple and secure sharing.
Reduce cargo losses

The ORBCOMM Maritime platform: Reduce cargo losses and operating costs

The ORBCOMM Maritime platform is the world’s leading IoT application for remote control of refrigerated containers and cargo.
Supporting Fleets at Sea

Supporting Fleets at Sea

ORBCOMM technology helps fleets connect their container operations from ship to shore.
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