Remote Genset Management

Reduce fuel costs, spoilage claims and ensure compliance with advanced genset monitoring and control.

Save with Innovative Solutions

Gensets have high operating costs. Ensure you’re not spending more than you need to.
  • Monitor with Ease

    Improve utilization with location and monitoring of gensets on road and rail or stationed in container terminals, depots and distribution centers.
  • Minimize Losses and Claims

    Track genset vital signs to avoid cargo damage or loss. Reduce third-party monitoring costs, operating costs, insurance claims and repositioning costs.
  • Reduce Fuel Theft and Costs

    Detect fuel level changes and send alarms when rapid fuel loss or theft is suspected. Make smarter refuel decisions and reduce manual fuel checks.
  • Lower M&R and Automate Processes

    Monitor run hours to improve maintenance schedules and reduce costs by pulling gensets from service at the right time. Enable preventive maintenance for longer use.
  • Ensure Compliance

    Comply with food safety (i.e. Food Safety Modernization Act) and emissions (i.e. California Air Resources Board) regulations. Ensure only compliant units are used.

Powered by Data

Everything you need for intelligent genset management.
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    Genset GPS Location
    Locate every genset in your fleet with ease.
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    Movement Reports
    Get notified when a genset’s journey begins and ends.
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    Smart Geofences
    Use virtual fences to run dwell reports on specific locations.
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    Easy to Install
    Integrated antenna and convenient mounting via tape or screws.
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    Covert and Discreet
    Deter theft and tampering with a compact, discreet install.
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    Built to Last
    Rugged for extreme weather, dust, water, shock and vibration.
Master asset management

Master asset management

Manage gensets, reefers, dry boxes and more on a single pane of glass with the ORBCOMM Maritime platform.

Genset Management Solutions

Our hardware is developed in-house to work seamlessly with our solutions.
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Smooth shipping with ORBCOMM

Smooth Shipping with ORBCOMM

Stay connected to your assets near and far with smart container telematics that take the guesswork out of shipping management.
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