Fleet optimization solutions

Use data to drive fleet optimization decisions involving proactive maintenance, driver workflow and communications and fuel usage.

From Automation to Utilization

Use data-driven decisions to ensure your fleet isn’t leaving any value on the table.
Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Calibrate fuel burn data so you can monitor miles per gallon for every truck and driver in your fleet.
Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Cut costs, extend equipment life and avoid unnecessary downtime by proactively scheduling preventive truck and trailer maintenance based on mileage.
Driver Workflow

Driver Workflow and Communications

Get messages and documents to drivers quickly and increase productivity with automated workflows to improve delivery time, customer service and driver satisfaction.
Customer Expectation

Exceed Customer Expectations

Deliver strong customer service with accurate ETAs, on-time deliveries, precise billing, en-route location, usage reports and load/unload times.

Asset Utilization

Optimize turn times, trailer pools and tractor-to-trailer ratios and minimize detention/dwell/idling with comprehensive fleet reports and geofences.
Smart Process

Smart Process Automation

Save time by streamlining processes around inventory, yard management and pre-trip inspections. Go digital to reduce tedious paperwork for both drivers and fleet managers.

Complete Fleet Maintenance

We're teaming up with Noregon to deliver advanced vehicle safety diagnostics through the TripVision® platform.
Asset Optimization

Customer Experience: Asset Optimization

  • Increase profitability for your fleet through data-driven decisions.
  • Reduce unnecessary and unseen expenses through visibility.
  • Cut administrative tasks and boost communications efficiency.
Maximize your Potential with ORBCOMM

Maximize your Potential with ORBCOMM

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