Container Cargo Security

Container cargo security and integrity

Minimize claims, ensure compliance and protect cargo.

Cover your containers

Use tech to protect your cargo in port and on the seas.
Reduce Claims

Reduce claims and spoilage costs

Protect temperature-sensitive loads and minimize claims with live data and alerts that monitor cargo for temperature, motion, impact, and climate conditions.
Help Prevent Theft

Help prevent theft

Detect, deter and help prevent cargo theft, fuel theft, tampering, damage, smuggling and human trafficking with sophisticated container telematics and sensor technology.
Find Lost or Stolen Assets

Find lost or stolen assets

Track down stranded, stolen or lost containers, chassis and gensets with GPS location information. Reduce costs associated with replenishing or writing off inventory.
Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance

Use smart telematics to help you stay on the right side of increasing demands around regulatory compliance, while mitigating business complexity and risk.
Exceed Customer Expectations

Crew safety

Reduce the need for crew to manually check containers with remote monitoring and get alerts of potentially dangerous unauthorized door openings.
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Stay Safe at Sea

Stay safe at sea

Prevent tampering and theft with a maritime solution that tracks assets anywhere at any time.
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