Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Asset Tracking

Fleet safety, management and remote pipeline monitoring.

Intelligent Oil & Gas Management

Use sensor data and asset visibility to enhance your oil & gas operations.
Monitor Equipment

Monitor and Control Fixed Equipment

Collect and analyze data locally on flow meters, vales, tanks, compressors, pumps, SCADA infrastructure and more.
Reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Minimize costs associated with liability risk from unsafe driving and operations. Enable event-based reports and alarms on equipment status, flow rates and more.
Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance

Receive hazardous load notifications to ensure compliance with regulations and standards (IVMS, IOGP and OSHA).
Ensure Cathodic Protection

Ensure Cathodic Protection

Receive critical alarms and measure pipeline flow rates with smart data from pressure sensors. Detect pipeline leaks and illegal taps.

Improve Fleet Safety

Reduce crashes, fatalities, speeding, aggressive driving and more with the only fleet safety solution purpose-built for the oilfield.
Unlocking Potential
Drill into new business opportunities with next-gen satellite IoT
Take your oil & gas IoT solutions to new heights with OGx: our next-generation satellite service. Remotely monitor wells, pipelines and drill sites for improved efficiency and simplified oil & gas management.

Oil & gas hardware

Enhance intelligence in the oilfield with these data-driven tools.
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Optimize oil operation

Customer experience: optimize oil operations

  • Measure pipeline flow data to detect leaks.
  • Receive alerts to ensure hazardous load compliance.
  • Operate in remote regions with satellite data.
  • Optimize management with intelligence.
  • Cut crash frequency with voice coaching.
  • Manage from afar for reduced inspection costs.
Insightful data

Strike It Rich with Insightful Data

Take your project to new heights with our oil and gas solutions developed and deployed by our VAR partners.
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