Remote Asset Tracking

Advanced Satellite-Cellular IoT Connectivity for Remote Asset Tracking

Deliver dual-mode connectivity for any use case.
ST 9100

Versatility is Valuable

Invest in the flexibility needed to provide asset tracking regardless of location with reliable satellite connectivity and automatic 4G LTE/3G/2G cellular fallback.

Cost-effective asset tracking

Ideal technology for monitoring and controlling fixed and mobile assets.
  • icon Flexible Programming
    Offers a dynamic programming environment that supports the development of custom solutions, as well as support for ORBCOMM configurable terminal apps.
  • icon Feature-Rich
    Multiple I/Os, including analog/digital, 2 RS232, 1 RS-485/J1708, 1-Wire and 2 CANbus. 3-Axis accelerometer and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • icon Airtime Savings
    Save customers money with intelligent least-cost routing to automatically switch between cellular and satellite connectivity.
  • icon Continuous Operation
    Build a more practical product with a backup battery that enables reporting for more than 48 hours with 1-minute cellular reporting.
  • icon Rugged and Versatile
    Rated for IP67 ingress protection, ensuring operation in the harshest environments on land and at sea.
CaseStudy-Harvest monitoring

Harvest monitoring to improve productivity

ORBCOMM satellite connectivity helped Wiago track soil moisture, plant health and more.
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