Rail Container Tracking

Rail container tracking systems

Add intelligence to your rail operations with complete asset and container visibility.

Seamless control of railcar management

Optimize utilization, enhance security, monitor damage and more.
Railcar Cargo Visibility

Gain Complete Railcar and Cargo Visibility

Track location and monitor components using timely, accurate and actionable information to optimize fleet performance. Use geofences to get critical event alerts.
Control Cold Chain

Control Your Cold Chain

Trace railcar temperature for perishables, optimize fuel usage and reduce claims due to spoilage. Send alerts and adjust temperatures remotely.
Reduce Dwell Times

Reduce Dwell Times

Find and deploy idle railcars using GPS data to reduce dwell times and excess inventory for better rail utilization. Lower time spent at stop points.
Improve Rail Safety

Improve Rail Safety

Keep chemicals and other hazardous materials in sight with continuous monitoring using telematics devices for rail and container operations.
Monitor Impact Damage

Monitor for Impact and Damage

Use advanced impact monitoring to get insight into how railcars are being handled in transit and in yards. Receive the data you need to bill back for damages.

Reaping Benefits of Smart Rail Solutions

Remote management, accurate location tracking and more at your disposal.
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    Railcar GPS Tracking
    Locate active and idle railcars in real time.
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    Remote Control
    Monitor and control railcar temperature remotely.
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    Smart Geofences
    Use virtual fences to run dwell reports on specific locations.
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    Built-In Accelerometer
    Gain detailed insight into how railcars are being handled.
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    Event Monitoring
    Real-time alerts for rough handling, low fuel and more.
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    Impact Monitoring
    Know when, where and how damage occurred.
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    Easy to Install
    Fast installation keeps railcars on the tracks.
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    Built to Last
    Tested for extreme weather, dust, water, shock and vibration.
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    Backup Satellite
    Ensure cargo visibility with optional dual-mode coverage.
ORBCOMM Platform

Go beyond rail for total intermodal management

Leverage intermodal dashboards that go beyond rail to track all your assets in one place – the ORBCOMM platform.

Rail Container Tracking Products

Keep an eye on railcars with these innovation solutions.
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Boost Rail Control

Customer Experience: Boost Rail Control

  • Locate idle railcars and add them to rotation.
  • Track railcar damage for accurate billing.
  • Monitor railcar temperatures from start to finish.

On Track with ORBCOMM

Drive rail efficiency, lower unnecessary costs and monitor container temperature in a smart railcar solution built for your operations.
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