Dual-Mode IoT

Dual-Mode IoT Network Coverage

Satellite-cellular asset tracking for the best of both worlds.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Get access to a single-source provider of global satellite communications and cellular network coverage for connectivity redundancy.
  • Coverage Outside of Cellular

    Avoid cellular network blind spots, be immune to network congestion and capacity issues, and avoid costly cellular roaming charges.
  • Save on Airtime with Least Cost Routing

    Automatically switch between cellular coverage when available and satellite in remote areas for significant cost savings.
  • Stay Immune to Weather and Natural Disasters

    From mild conditions like cloud cover to serious natural disasters, backup satellite ensures your assets stay connected even when cellular coverage is interrupted.
  • Future Proof Your Solution

    Network sunsetting means equipment for cellular-only IoT solutions need to be replaced frequently. Backup satellite keeps your solution up and running.
  • Help Prevent Cargo Theft

    Protect cargo in high-risk areas with both cellular and satellite reporting, cellular jamming detection, panic buttons and more.

Dual Mode Hardware

ORBCOMM offers a selection of hybrid and integrated dual-mode IoT solutions for integrators to choose from:
Dual-Mode Solutions

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