Tractor ID Sensor

Tractor ID sensors

Improve driver retention and streamline operations with tractor-trailer pairing.
IS 400

Limit Human Error

Put valuable time back in the hands of your drivers via automatic tractor-trailer pairing. No more searching the yard for the right trailer or wasting time connecting to the wrong one.

Stay on Schedule

Automatic tractor-trailer pairing saves drivers time and frustration.
  • icon Smart Pairing
    Detect and pair with the trailer so you don't have to manually verify that the right tractor and trailer are paired.
  • icon Improve Driver Retention
    Remove menial tasks off drivers' hands, reduce trailer detention and increase uptime by discovering incorrect tractor-trailer coupling.
  • icon Rapid Validation
    See when pairing occurs. Detect disconnections and the beginning and end of movement.
  • icon Perfect Match
    Ensure proper pairing in a packed yard by automatically transmitting the tractor’s ID number to dispatch when connected.
  • icon Easy Installation
    Quick installation gets assets back on the road quickly. Ruggedized and weatherproof to withstand the toughest conditions.
Limit Yard Mistakess

Limit Yard Mistakes

With trailer identification technology, fleets can ensure trailers are on the road heading to the correct destination.
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