container tracking

Intermodal shipping container tracking systems

Track and manage assets virtually anytime and anywhere.

Keep Over-the-Road Containers Completely Visible

ORBCOMM’s advanced telematics solutions aren’t just for trailers.
Containers Data Driven

Data-Driven Decisions

Improve container fleet utilization, reduce dwell/cycle times and minimize repositioning costs with precise information on equipment location and status.
Smarter Customer Service

Smarter Customer Service

Quickly identify delays and deviations from plan for proactive response and better customer information. Share location and cargo status and accurate ETAs with customers.
Enhanced Cargo Security

Enhanced Cargo Security

Detect, deter and help prevent cargo theft, tampering, damage and fraud. Remotely detect door lock/unlock, seal status, intrusion and loading/movement to help ensure security.
Protect your Investments

Protect your Investments

Locate stranded, stolen or lost containers, chassis and gensets with GPS location information, and prevent genset fuel theft with remote fuel level monitoring.

Complete Container Management

Transform your container operations with the power of data
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    Multiple Asset Monitoring
    Reefer, dry and tank containers, gensets, chassis and more.
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    Visibility Anywhere
    Monitor container location and status on road, rail or sea.
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    Location-based Alerts
    Use geofences to monitor entrance or exit of specific locations.
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    Data-based Maintenance
    Maximize asset lifecycle by monitoring key vital signs.
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    Remote Inspections
    Reduce costs and human error with auto inspections.
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    Shock and Impact Detection
    Identify events that may severely damage containers and cargo.
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    Manage by Exception
    Set up automated alerts for proactive incident response.
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    Rugged and Low Profile
    Built to handle the toughest deployments and conditions.
ORBCOMM Platform

Where data drives decisions

The ORBCOMM platform: complete management of your containers plus all of your other assets, all in one place.

Over-the-Road Container Products

ORBCOMM hardware is designed and developed in-house for seamless operation.
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Chassis Management

Mixed fleet? Meet the singular solution.

  • Easily manage multiple asset headaches with one simple telematics solution. All of your assets, all in one place.
Container Tracking

Track your fleet with ORBCOMM

ORBCOMM’s container tracking solutions improve utilization, decrease dwell time and streamline operations for a smarter and more productive fleet. Reach out today and see what our solutions can do for you.
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