Fleet Camera Systems

Protect drivers and your reputation with complete video capture of critical events.

Protect operations with fleet cameras

Gain value from capturing critical events as they happen.
  • Capture Critical Video Evidence

    Video can serve as a virtual witness for drivers to help protect against false claims and damage to your reputation.
  • Enhance Driver Safety

    Monitor distracted driving with an inward-facing cameras or identify high-risk driving violations and critical incidents such as stop sign and red-light violations.
  • Optimize Driver Training

    Automatically record footage when critical events occur or configure thresholds to capture other minor incidents that can help improve driving skills.
  • Augment with Telematics Data

    Pair footage with data generated by the BT 500 truck telematics device to get the complete picture and enhance visibility of operations.
  • Gain Full Visibility

    Capture footage of events on the road with outward-facing cameras.

Valuable Features in View

Dig into the data provided by our camera solutions to improve operations.
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    Video Evidence
    Protect your fleet against claims and litigation.
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    Configurable Events
    Hard stops, speeding, harsh acceleration, lane drifting and more.
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    Accident Reconstruction
    Automatically register harsh turns, crashes and high-impact events.
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    Driver Safety and Training
    Detect risky habits and change driver behavior.
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    Instant Replay
    Event-triggered footage is automatically stored for easy review.
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    Road and Driver View
    Optional inward-facing camera records in the cab. 
ORBCOMM Platform

Stronger Together: ORBCOMM and Netradyne

Our partnership with Netradyne helps with driver mentoring, compliance KPIs, following distance and more.

Camera Analytics Solutions

See the full picture of your fleet anytime, anywhere.
ORBCOMM Platform

Part of a complete fleet management solution

View captured footage from multiple assets (trucks, trailers, reefers and more) anytime on the ORBCOMM platform.
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Video Footage

Video Footage

  • Protect your fleet against nuclear verdicts.
  • Inform driver coaching with evidence.
  • Be proactive in monitoring driving behavior.
  • Get visual records to combat false claims.
Support your Drivers

Capture More Business

Stay on top of critical events as they happen with innovative in-cab camera solutions powered by ORBCOMM.
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