IC 500: In-Cab Camera

In-cab dash camera

In-cab camera for complete critical event capture.
IC 500

Protect drivers, reduce risk

Capture critical events on video with a virtual witness for improved driver safety and visual proof against false claims. Streamline accident reconstruction, identify and correct high-risk driver behavior and protect your business when incidents occur outside of your drivers’ control.

The leader in smart telematics

Help keep drivers safe while minimizing risk and associated costs.
  • icon Capture Critical Video Evidence
    Get video of critical events before, during and after an incident for analysis, as evidence, and to streamline accident reconstruction.
  • icon Configurable Events
    Capture video of hard stops, speeding, harsh acceleration, lane drifting, tailgating and more. Automatically record other events that you define.
  • icon Optimize Driver Training
    Use footage as a training tool to address dangerous driving habits, help keep drivers safe and minimize liability risk.
  • icon Instant Replay
    Event-triggered footage is automatically stored and can be reviewed any time. Store all footage for up to seven days for analysis when needed.
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