ORBCOMM is a leading global provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions that remotely track, monitor, and control fixed and mobile assets…

Manage Your Entire Fleet Under One Platform

From trucks and dry vans to refrigerated vehicles and containers, trust the industry's most complete fleet management solution.


Truck and Tachograph Management with Telematics

The most comprehensive, open, scalable and reliable truck telematics solution on the market today.


Australian Fleet Telematics

Why Booth Transport is using advanced asset tracking and monitoring of its ISO tank containers, road tankers and chassis.

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Telematics Keeping Fruit Fresh on the Road

Learn how telematics helps Keelings enhance fleet management, ensure on-time deliveries and maximise driver performance.

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"Containing" COVID-19

Watch an expert panel discuss the critical role of smart, IoT-enabled containerization in global vaccine logistics.

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A Fresh Take on Driver Performance Scoring

How AF Blakemore uses Driver Performance Scoring to motivate drivers, improve safety and reduce fuel costs...

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Industry-Leading Equipment Telematics

The solution of choice for some of the world’s top heavy equipment manufacturers.

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Comprehensive Heavy Equipment Management

Rugged devices powering the industry's most trusted heavy equipment telematics solutions.

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Construction Telematics: 11 Questions to Ask

Download this new e-book to learn the key questions to ask your heavy equipment telematics provider...

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Supporting the AEMP Telematics Standard

How ORBCOMM's support for the AEMP standard enables heavy equipment fleet management across different OEMs and machine types...

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Crushing It: Terex Takes the Lead in Telematics

How Terex became the first OEM to provide remote real-time tracking and diagnostics for crushing and screening machines...

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Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Discover some of the untapped advantages of telematics for construction and mining fleets...

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Seamless Ship-to-Shore Communications

Stay connected with maritime vessels, fishing boats and buoys over open oceans.

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The Global Leader in Satellite AIS Data Services

AIS data for collision avoidance, improved navigation, maritime safety and much more.

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Interoperability: The Future of Container IoT

In a world of supply chain shortages and shocks, the future of container shipping data is open, interoperable and non-proprietary.

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Fishing Vessel Monitoring in Thailand

Learn how VMS is helping Thai maritime authorities promote sustainable fisheries management while improving safety and compliance.

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Dark Vessel Detection

How space-based RF is enchancing AIS data to detect IUU fishing, trade compliance violations, piracy and human/drug trafficking.

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Satellite AIS: A Digital Revolution at Sea

Learn all about novel use cases for AIS data, and the game-changing impact of satellite AIS.

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Reliable SCADA and Equipment Monitoring

Rugged satellite devices designed for use in the world's harshest environments.

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Better Data for Utilities

Why satellite IoT telemetry is an ideal solution for smart grid monitoring applications.

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Connecting the Smart Grid with Satellite IoT

Discover the drivers behind the widespread adoption of satellite IoT technology in electricity distribution.

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Enhancing Irrigation with Satellite

Learn how an agricultural IoT company is using satellite to help farmers save precious water, time and money.

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Into the Fire

How rugged satellite devices keep transmitting critical oil and gas data, even in the harshest conditions.

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Why Voice Coaching is Vital

How one oil & gas service provider is using telematics and voice coaching to improve fleet safety, compliance and reduce costs.

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Smarter, More Powerful Trailer Tracking

GT 1200: Discover the convenience of solar-powered tracking without frequent battery changes.

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Vital Emergency Communications

ST-6100: Track rescue vehicles, text-message workers and maintain communications during emergencies.


U.S. Army NGT Program

Learn how to order product under ORBCOMM's contract with the U.S. Army for its Next Generation Tag (NGT) program.

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Satellite IoT Helping Combat Floods in Japan

Japan is turning the tide on flood preparation by monitoring linear rainbands on vessels fitted with satellite IoT terminals.

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Emergencies: When Cellular Isn’t Enough

Learn why satellite is an excellent option to provide service during emergency situations, when cellular networks are unavailable.

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Telematics for First Responder Vehicles

Unfortunately, crashes involving ambulances, firetrucks and police vehicles happen more often than we might think.

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The industry’s most comprehensive service offering

From rugged and versatile devices and multi-network connectivity to powerful end-user applications and every layer of the IoT stack in between, ORBCOMM offers the most comprehensive suite of M2M and IoT solution offerings available on the market today.


Our powerful, rugged and cost-effective devices, modems and sensors are used to track, monitor and control assets anywhere in the world.


ORBCOMM is a single-source of multiple satellite and Tier 1 cellular networks for complete and reliable global coverage for M2M and IoT applications.


ORBCOMM’s powerful web reporting applications deliver the insights fleet managers need to make smart decisions and improve the bottom line.

IoT Toolkit

ORBCOMM offers hardware, connectivity and device management, an application enablement platform and more for full IoT solution development.

ORBCOMM’S Next-Gen Vessel Monitoring System Wins 2021 IoT Innovator Award from Compass Intelligence

Rochelle Park, NJ November 9, 2021 - ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced that its Read More

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