Fleet Management Solutions

Telematics for complete visibility of drivers and vehicles.

Visibility Wherever you Venture

ORBCOMM technology gives you the data that drives better decisions.

GPS Fleet Tracking: Any Asset

With visibility of drivers, trucks, trailers and other assets on one platform, fleet managers gain a centralized view to make smarter decisions and improve the bottom line.
Satellite Cellular

Dual-Mode Satellite/Cellular

Get the best of both worlds with dual-mode connectivity that keeps your fleet management solution on even when cell networks aren’t. Eliminate blind spots and protect cargo.
Cargo Trailer Security

Cargo and Trailer Security

Locate missing assets and monitor cargo 24/7 for tampering, door use and unscheduled loading/unloading. Reduce spoilage claims with alarms and remote temperature control.
Customer Expectations for visibility

Exceed Customer Expectations

Deliver great customer experience with accurate ETAs, on-time deliveries, precise billing and location with GPS fleet tracking. Quickly dispatch the right driver for the job.
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Asset Visibility

Customer Experience

  • Make smarter, data-based dispatch decisions.
  • Track every vehicle in the fleet 24/7.
  • See all of your asset classes in one place.
  • Get alerts when your vehicles arrive or leave.
Remote visibility solutions

Monitor What Matters with ORBCOMM

Keep tabs on your business around the world with remote visibility solutions that help fleets make hard decisions easier.
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