Camera Cargo Sensor

Camera cargo sensor

Check cargo integrity and load status remotely.
CS 500

Make smarter load decisions

Save valuable time and reduce errors with increased visibility inside your trailers. Remotely monitor assets to protect valuable cargo and determine load status.

No more manual checks

Drive trailer optimization, operational efficiencies and your bottom line.
  • icon Visual validation
    Determine the current state of cargo and provide status updates to customers for improved service.
  • icon Damage prevention
    Avoid the cost of losing valuable cargo by catching damage before it happens.
  • icon Faster turnaround
    Know when cargo loading and unloading is complete to prevent delays that affect efficiency and reputation.
  • icon Optimal usage
    Identify trailers that are underutilizing space to increase operating efficiencies and better evaluate trailer purchasing requirements.
  • icon Reduced Theft
    Identify unauthorized door open and close events when paired with a door sensor to capture potential theft.
Drive Productivity with ORBCOMM

Drive Productivity with ORBCOMM

See inside your trailers for insights that can optimize your operations and boost efficiency.
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