Truck Fleet Management

In-cab truck and fleet telematics solutions

Truck telematics solutions for drivers, back office and fleet managers.

Total Truck Management

Improve your bottom line and keep drivers happy, safe and on the road.

Easier Compliance

Stay ahead of regulations while improving fleet efficiency and reducing costs with ELD/HOS, IFTA, DVIR and many more features designed with drivers in mind.
Enhance Fleet Safety

Enhance Fleet Safety

Protect drivers and assets, minimize risk and reduce costs by correcting unsafe driving with advanced driver scoring, voice coaching and fleet camera technology.
Boost Fleet Productivity

Boost Fleet Productivity

Improve customer service, simplify driver communications, enable preventive maintenance and reduce fuel costs with smart technology that brings meaning to fleet data.
Complete Fleet Visibility

Complete Fleet Visibility

Reduce operating and maintenance costs, run fewer empty miles and improve asset utilization through real-time GPS tracking, truck telematics and cargo visibility.

Smart solutions in-cab

Smart for drivers, smart for managers, smart for business.
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    Beyond compliance—turn your ELD into a profit center.
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    Complete Fleet Visibility
    Reliable GPS tracking and truck telematics
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    In-Cab Cameras
    Capture video evidence to serve as a virtual witness.
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    Voice Coaching
    Proactively change driver behavior in real time.
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    Driver Communications
    Stay connected with drivers through instant messaging.
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    Driver Performance
    Live, on-board driver scorecards.
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    Preventive Maintenance
    Save by scheduling service based on time or distance.
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    Jobs and Workflow
    Schedule driver deliveries, pick-ups and more.
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    Electronic DVIR
    Get drivers back on the road safely and quickly.
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    IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
    Automate the collection of state miles and fuel receipts.
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    Fuel Management
    Protect assets from fuel theft and billing discrepancies.
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    Fully Integrated
    Integrate data into leading TMS, 3rd-party apps and ERP systems.
ORBCOMM Platform

Powerful analytics and reporting for every asset

Supercharge your fleet with the ORBCOMM platform—improving compliance, driver performance, safety and productivity for any assets, anywhere.

Smart Truck Solutions

We engineer our devices and software in-house for a seamless solution.
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Smart Truck Telematics

Customer Experience: Smart Truck Telematics

Gain full visibility and leverage innovative apps to boost profits, drive compliance, inform coaching and more.

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