Fleet Management: Track, monitor and control your fleet anytime, anywhere in South Africa!

Cost-effective, real-time monitoring for vehicles, trailers, reefers, cargo, heavy machinery and more

  • Driver identification and route deviation alerts
  • Monitor engine performance remotely
  • Manage fuel theft and consumption
  • Lock or immobilise equipment remotely
  • Control reefer temperature protect cargo along the cold chain
  • Monitor drivers with GPS devices, software and dash cams
  • Real-time notifications to desktops or mobile devices

For complete fleet visibility, driver performance & route monitoring. Contact us today!

We supply live tracking systems for vehicles, cold chain, yellow plant equipment and more

Our solutions operate reliably in harsh and remote environments:

South Africa’s largest fleet tracking companies rely on our tracking devices!

Internet Tracking

Pinpoint your fleet, cargo and heavy-duty machinery anywhere in the South Africa

  • Dictate arrival & departure times
  • Get accurate location tracking up to 2.5-m accuracy
  • Set travel parameters and receive route deviation alerts
  • Remotely lock or immobilise equipment
  • Negotiate reduced insurance premiums
Monitor Driver

Monitor driver and engine performance in real-time

  • Identify your driver
  • Monitor your driver’s behaviour and speed
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Monitor productivity with alerts to excessive idling
  • Use video camera surveillance to monitor driver behaviour with live-view dash cams and audio recording.
Reduce cargo loss

Gain complete cold chain visibility

  • Receive notifications of temperature changes through cold chain monitoring
  • Minimize risk from claims and theft
  • Track location of stolen / lost cargo
  • Save time and reduce labour costs
  • Real-time notifications to any
  • GPS-enabled devices and solutions
Monitoring marchine

Yellow Plant / Heavy Machinery Management

  • Includes pumps, generators, compressors and light vehicles
  • Pinpoint site machinery in real-time
  • Track equipment operating hours to schedule maintenance
  • Remotely lock or immobilise equipment to prevent theft
  • Get unauthorised entry alerts using geofences

We have supplied thousands of satellite and GSM data communication terminals across South Africa, the majority of these continue to operate reliably often in the harshest and most remote of environments.

*All of this is achievable from your desktop or mobile device

  • Provides complete visibility and control in your application
  • Offer email and SMS notification on all violations and events
  • Real-time machine or personnel tracking
  • Route or incident mapping
  • Actionable data reports (geo-location audits; scheduled time-, distance- and directional-based GPS reporting)

We will customise fleet tracking solutions, tailored to application requirements – anywhere in the South Africa.

Did you know?

Many insurance companies offer discounted prices when effective tracking devices, from reputable tracking companies, are used to monitor insured vehicles, fleets and cargo!