Heavy Equipment Tracking / Yellow Plant Management

Track, monitor and control heavy machinery for improved construction and mining operations in Africa

Many African mining and construction operations are located in some of the continent’s most remote regions where few reliable means of communication are available. ORBCOMM multi-network devices and solutions provide reliable communications links for tracking mobile and fixed heavy equipment and other assets, wherever they are.

Leading-Edge Modems & Devices
Our interchangeable, single form factor modems and rugged devices operate over multiple networks to meet OEMs' specific geographic, data and message delivery needs.

satellite modems for Africa

Powerful Applications
FleetEdge is a powerful web application providing equipment owners access to location data, operational status as well as analytic, predictive and diagnostic tools for every asset in their fleet.

satellite modems for Africa

Multi-Network Connectivity
ORBCOMM customers enjoy the best of all worlds with access to multiple global Tier 1 cellular networks and three satellite networks in one comprehensive and cost-effective platform.

satellite modems for Africa

For complete visibility of remote heavy equipment and yellow plant machinery, contact us today!

Our devices operate reliably in harsh and remote environments.

Some of Africa’s largest companies rely on our tracking devices!

heavy equipment

Gain complete visibility of heavy equipment, anywhere in Africa

  • Pinpoint vehicles and machinery in real-time
  • Get accurate location tracking up to 2.5-m accuracy
  • Includes pumps, generators, compressors and light vehicles
  • Remotely lock or immobilise equipment to prevent theft
  • Use geofences to detect unauthorized entry and enhance operator safety
  • Reduce fuel consumption
heavy excavator

Optimize utilization and efficiency of yellow plant machinery

  • Track engine hours, get mileage report alerts, and monitor fuel usage
  • Lower equipment lifecycle cost with real-time data
  • Receive sensor alerts and fault codes
  • Use edge analytics to collect and analyze field data locally
  • Help prevent unauthorized use and theft
  • Optimize billing practices and increase ROI
heavy loader

Improve preventative maintenance for construction equipment

  • Track equipment operating hours to schedule maintenance
  • Create maintenance logs
  • Plan preventative repairs
  • Avoid breakdowns and reduce equipment downtime
  • Identify issues as they occur for quick rectification
  • Eliminate unexpected equipment failures by monitoring sensors and logs.

Reliably monitor remote African mining operations for increased profitability

  • Reduce expensive mine site visits by collecting telemetry data from remote sensors
  • Track mobile and fixed mining equipment location and usage
  • Maximize profitability with improved mining truck refueling practices
  • Remotely measure water quality/flow, control pumps and flood control systems
  • Transmit data from remote weather stations at remote mine sites
  • Measure and control dust levels to protect mining equipment

We have supplied thousands of satellite and GSM data communication terminals across Africa, the majority of these continue to operate reliably often in the harshest and most remote of environments.