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AIS Data Services

ORBCOMM is the global market leader in terrestrial and satellite AIS (Automatic Identification System) data services, used by ships and vessel traffic services for identification, location information and much more.

Our industry-leading AIS data service delivers the most complete situational picture of global vessel activity by drawing data from both satellite and terrestrial AIS receivers.

AIS Data: The ORBCOMM Advantage

  1. The Most Comprehensive Global AIS Service
    One-stop shopping for reliable terrestrial and satellite AIS data.

  2. Committed to Helping our Partners
    We don’t compete with our partners. We enable them to succeed.

  3. Established and Financially Stable
    A publicly-traded AIS technology pioneer with over 1.8 million subscribers.

ais data stream
ORBCOMM AIS data services combines multiple sources for maximum coverage.

AIS Data Applications

AIS data is used mainly for location information and collision avoidance, but is increasingly being used in other novel applications:

  • Enhance Surveillance and Security
    AIS data enables complete vessel visibility and quick reaction to anomalies at sea.
  • Counter Piracy Attacks
    Locate suspicious movements, identify vessels of interest and send alerts of a potential threat.
  • Improve Search and Rescue
    First responders and coast guards trust AIS data for improving maritime safety and global search and rescue.
  • Support Fisheries and Environmental Monitoring
    AIS data provides a full picture of vessel traffic for ocean protection and compliance programs.

AIS Data Services

Hali: Powerful, Tamper-Proof Class B AIS Device for Vessel Location

Jointly developed by ORBCOMM, Pole Star and Weatherdock, Hali combines terrestrial AIS data, satellite AIS, and satellite M2M technology all into one affordable and reliable solution. Created for small craft fleet owners and operators, maritime authorities, and enforcement agencies, Hali delivers vessel locations through coastal and satellite AIS transmissions, which are augmented with ORBCOMM satellite M2M messaging, ensuring complete vessel visibility to maximise maritime safety, security, and environmental compliance.

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5 Reasons to Choose ORBCOMM Terrestrial and Satellite AIS Data

1. The Most Comprehensive AIS Data Service
ORBCOMM offers the most complete and cost-effective global AIS coverage, offering a one-stop shop for both terrestrial AIS from leading partners and satellite AIS data from our own constellation.

2. Unmatched AIS Data Reliability
Proven reliability in congested waterways, ports and open ocean waters. We process 28 million messages daily from 300,000 AIS transponders, 86% with an average latency of less than one minute.

3. Robust Space and Ground Infrastructure
ORBCOMM operates a fully populated, AIS-enabled satellite constellation, and 16 gateways around the world with 24/7 operational support.

4. Committed to Our Partners
We don’t compete with our partners—we empower them to succeed. We understand AIS data services and share our knowledge to help our partners enhance their business.

5. A Financially Stable Industry Pioneer
ORBCOMM pioneered space-based AIS technology in 2004 and is still the leader. We are a publicly traded company with over 1.8 million subscribers, 700 employees and 100+ patents.

“Using the ORBCOMM AIS data, we have consistent (historical) measurements so that ... we can provide a uniform data layer to researchers that want to study fisheries.”

Paul Woods, Chief Technical Officer, SkyTruth

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