Oil & Gas Monitoring: Track, monitor and control fleets, equipment and SCADA systems anywhere in Africa

Cost-effective, real-time coverage for vehicles and African oil & gas infrastructure

For the African Oil & Gas industry, whether you’re responsible for tracking workers and service vehicles or monitoring the performance of remote equipment, you require the kind of reliable, always-on connectivity not available with cellular coverage alone.

ORBCOMM satellite and satellite-cellular communication devices and connectivity solutions are equipped to handle even the toughest demands of non-stop real-time security, safety, and remote tracking and control in Africa’s most extreme locations.

  • Track vehicles to ensure timely delivery of goods and services
  • Help protect workers in dangerous and remote environments
  • Reduce site visits with remote equipment monitoring and control
  • Ensure continuous operation of equipment, no matter how remote
  • Receive alerts, alarms and quickly identify problems as they occur
  • Improve operations, reduce costs and increase production/profits

For complete visibility of oil & gas service vehicles and remote equipment, contact us today!

Our devices operate reliably in harsh and remote environments.

Some of Africa’s largest companies rely on our tracking devices!

Oil Fleet

Track oil & gas service vehicles anywhere in Africa

  • Dictate arrival & departure times
  • Get accurate location tracking up to 2.5-m accuracy
  • Set travel parameters and receive route deviation alerts
  • Remotely lock or immobilise equipment
  • Monitor driver behaviour and speed with telematics and video surveillance
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Reliably monitor SCADA systems with always-on connectivity

  • Gain full visibility of remote SCADA system sites
  • Reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime
  • Connect to Remote PLCs and RTUs
  • Use edge analytics to collect and analyze field data locally
  • Bridge the communications gap between RTUs and IP-based SCADA control systems
  • Support industry-standard protocols such as Modbus and OPC
Oil & Gas equipment

Monitor fixed oil & gas equipment and infrastructure

  • Gain complete visibility of oil & gas equipment
  • Increase efficiency and reduce site visits
  • Reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime
  • Collect and analyze data locally from field equipment and sensors
  • Monitor flow meters, tanks, compressors, pumps and more
  • Open and close valves from a control center

Ensure cathodic protection with pipeline monitoring

  • Receive critical alarms
  • Measure pipeline flow rates
  • Reduce site visits for pipeline maintenance
  • Monitor pipeline rectifiers in cathodic protection systems
  • Help prevent corrosion and lengthen equipment life
  • Detect pipeline leaks and help prevent theft for reduced revenue loss

We have supplied thousands of satellite and GSM data communication terminals across Africa, the majority of these continue to operate reliably often in the harshest and most remote of environments.