Personal Tracking Devices: Monitor Workers in Real Time

Personnel Tracking: Monitor the safety and whereabouts of mobile workers and guards with GPS-based personal trackers

  • Locate workers in real time, within 2.5-m accuracy!
  • Automatic'man-down' feature alerts operators to possible worker injury
  • Receive tracking updates on demand or at pre-scheduled intervals
  • SMS, email and voice communication with fieldworkers
  • View, record and analyse location data on our desktop & mobile phone app
  • Programme virtual location zones with intelligent geo-fencing

Enhance worker safety with our remote movement and event monitoring systems.

Discreet - credit card-sized

Robust - up to IP65

Long battery life - up to 400 hours

security guard

Security Guards

mine Workers

Mine workers & visitors


Personnel & employees


Monitor productivity

GEO fencing

Locate workers, wherever they are!

No matter where, our GPS systems can track personnel within a 2.5 metre accuracy in real time. Complete coverage, anywhere in the world!

Man Down

Automatic 'man-down' feature

Our trackers recognise when a worker falls, which could indicate injury or other danger, and send an automatic notification, without their intervention.


GSM or satellite for urban/rural areas

Our GPS trackers can use GSM or satellite (or hybrid) technology to determine your workers' locations. The choice will depend on the remoteness of your application.

On-demand reports

On-demand or interval-based notifications and reports

Receive geo-location reports on demand, based on time or distance intervals, or even changes in direction.

Locate worker

SMS, email and voice alerts

In addition to live tracking on our app, event notifications can be sent via SMS and email and can even function as a basic phone.

GEO fence

User-defined geo-fencing

Easily map out virtual zones with geo-fences to ensure workers are where they should be, when they should be.


Meets new MHSA regulations for site visitors

Discreet tracking devices provide traceability around mining sites for workers and visitors.

SOS button

Panic SOS button alerting up to 4 contacts

Store up to 4 contacts for rapid support and medical response.

battery monitoring

Long battery life, remotely monitored

Our terminals have around 400 hours of standby time. Battery life can be remotely monitored.