Maritime AIS Data: The Most Comprehensive Global Coverage

Combine terrestrial and satellite AIS data for the most complete picture of global vessel activity
AIS data

A Single Source for AIS Data

Gain access to the most complete global AIS coverage—a one-stop shop for both satellite AIS data from our own constellation and terrestrial AIS from leading partners.
AIS reliability

Unmatched AIS Reliability

Our next-generation satellites and robust ground infrastructure process 30 million messages daily from over 240,000 unique vessels.
Cost effictive

Most Cost-Effective AIS

Enjoy AIS data plan pricing and flexibility that only an established and stable AIS data provider such as ORBCOMM can provide.
AIS Benefits

A Partner You Can Trust

Get only our flexible APIs and AIS data sets, without the hard upsell on other services. Plus, as our partner we won’t compete with you—we’ll empower you to succeed.
AIS Benefits


Our AIS solutions are ideal for diverse applications such as search and rescue, surveillance and security, IUU fishing, environmental monitoring and more.
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