Fleet management solutions for small and mid-sized fleets

Delivering data to drive better decisions, faster growth and a better bottom line for growing fleets.

The benefits of telematics

ORBCOMM trailer telematics deliver the power of data to transform your fleet.
  • Increase asset utilization for better ROI

    Get assets back into rotation faster. Monitor trailer utilization at customer sites, optimize trailer pools by redeploying under-utilized assets and get better trailer-to-tractor ratios.
  • Monitor—and bill for—trailer detention

    Use telematics data to set expectations with customers, minimize detention occurrences and bill accordingly when infractions occur.
  • Improve customer service

    Provide customers read-only self-serve access to specific fleet data for accurate ETAs and streamlined load and unload cycles.
  • Reduce maintenance costs

    Cut costs, extend equipment life and avoid unnecessary downtime by proactively scheduling preventive trailer maintenance based on mileage.
  • Attract and retain drivers

    Reduce time-wasting activities so drivers spend more time on the road. Send drivers to the right location and prevent incorrect tractor-trailer pairings.

Power tools for your fleet

Our trailer solutions include a comprehensive suite of features:
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    Streamline dispatch
    Integrated with major trailer management systems.
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    Reduce trailer losses
    Detect theft and expedite asset recovery.
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    Protect cargo
    Prohibit unauthorized access, tampering or unscheduled activity.
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    Manage your capital
    Reduce leased trailer costs with better utilization.
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    Complete visibility
    Real-time GPS trailer tracking.
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    Monitor utilization
    …by mileage, hours of operation, load status and more.
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    Onboard geofences
    …for detention and dwell monitoring and much more.
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    Reports and dashboards
    Automated and customizable—as granular as you like.
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    Alerts and notifications
    Manage by exception with event-based email and text alerts.
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    Sensor integration
    Add door, cargo, temperature, lights and TPMS sensors.
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    Fast and easy install
    Outfit your trailers yourself in as little as 10 minutes.
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    Solar powered, low-maintenance
    Install once and don’t touch again for up to 10 years.
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    Camera cargo sensor
    Remotely view load and cargo status to maintain operational visibility.
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    Satellite connectivity
    Keep your project running with backup satellite connectivity for areas where cellular isn't available.
Vessel monitoring

Flexible Pricing

Get telematics that fits your budget—all-in-one subscription pricing with no money down, or a one-time hardware purchase plus service fees.

Enterprise-level trailer telematics for growing fleets

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