Construction Equipment Fleet Management

Make strategic decisions with construction data on one platform.

Creating More Value in Construction Operations

Get heightened functionality and productivity from powerful construction telematics data.

Enhance Visibility

Track your equipment and tools to gain visibility over your day-to-day construction operations and minimize equipment downtime, theft and misuse.

Optimize Utilization

Accurately track engine hours, get mileage report alerts and use geofences to see if assets are being used on the right job site at the right time.

Increase Productivity

Review cycle time, production tonnage and idle ratios to optimize machine and operator productivity.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce fuel waste and ensure maintenance practices are based on actual usage.

Unlock New Construction Insights

Numerous features to enhance your construction management capabilities.
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    Location Data
    Real-time position maps, location reports.
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    Onboard Geofences
    Know as soon as machines enter or leave worksites.
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    Equipment Uptime
    Event reports, sensor alerts and fault codes to identify issues.
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    Maintenance Efficiency
    Preventive maintenance for accurate usage data like engine hours.
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    ELD Compliance
    E-logs and IFTA compliance for ELD vehicles on your worksite.
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    Satellite Connectivity
    Dual-mode cellular and global satellite coverage in remote areas.
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    AEMP Ready
    AEMP data from multiple OEM data streams into one user interface.
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    Ruggedized Devices
    Compact, versatile, covert and robust hardware devices.
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    Mixed-Fleet ready
    Mix data from multiple machines without adding new hardware.
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    Events-Based Alarms
    Alerts like unauthorized movement or out-of-spec sensor readings.
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    Two-Way Communications
    Configure reporting intervals, request asset position and more.
ORBCOMM Platform

FleetEdge 4: Construction Fleet Management

Comprehensive equipment monitoring to find underutilized assets, ensure full coverage in remote regions and more.

Connected Hardware for Construction Equipment

Reliable and proven devices, sensors and cameras to meet any challenge.
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Mixed Fleet Management

Master Construction Mixed-Fleet Management

Ensure remote control and visibility in any location with reliable dual-mode connectivity and rugged equipment.
Heavy Construction

Optimize Operations with ORBCOMM

Strengthen your heavy equipment deployment with actionable insights that prolong equipment life, drive productivity and simplify management.