Smart grid management

Power Up Your Smart Grid Management

Improve electricity distribution and response with remote asset monitoring.

Mastering Utility Management with Data

Control your power grid from afar using sensors and other solutions.
Monitor smart grid

Monitor Smart Grid Infrastructure

Use satellite connectivity to monitor power grid protection equipment such as reclosers, fault indicators, capacitor banks and more.
Improve Network Reliability

Improve Network Reliability

Utilize warning signs in the power grid to isolate specific sections of the network, preventing outages to a much larger number of customers.
Reduce Data Costs

Reduce Data Costs

Process data at the edge to reduce data transmission costs and ensure efficient and continuous distribution of electricity.
Integrate with Other Devices

Integrate with Other Devices

Smart satellite terminals can be integrated with measurement devices such as smart meters for the reliable real-time exchange of field data.

Improve Fleet Safety

Reduce crashes, fatalities, speeding, aggressive driving and more to improve safety and minimize risk.
Unlocking Potential
Powerful cutting-edge satellite connectivity for utilities IoT solutions
Help your utilities customers monitor reclosers, transformers and other smart grid applications with OGx: the future of satellite IoT.

Utilities hardware

Unlock the power of data in utility management with ORBCOMM technology.
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Enhance power grid output

Customer experience: Enhance power grid output

  • Remotely monitor power grid protection equipment.
  • Avoid complete grid failure by isolating issues.
  • Get key energy data when you need it.
  • Leverage reliable satellite connectivity anywhere.
  • Decrease power use with smart resource management.
  • Manage entire power grid from afar using tech.
Insightful data

Power Grid Management with Insightful Data

Let our partners help you leverage sensors and satellite technology to improve pipeline health, boost emergency response and more.
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