Smart Mining

Gain complete visibility of mining operations above and below ground.

Master Mining with the Power of Data

Inform decision-making with key mining data where and when you need it.
Increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Monitor draw and dump locations, route and lap times and maximize mining truck refueling practices. Use vehicle tracking to optimize work hours and ore production.
Enhance Maintenance

Enhance Maintenance

Remotely monitor vehicle sensors and enable preventative maintenance. Reduce unexpected equipment failures and expensive downtime with alerts.
Reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Eliminate expensive mine site visits by collecting telemetry data from remote sensors (voltage, temperature, humidity, gas levels and more).
Monitor Weather and Environmental Conditions

Monitor Weather and Environmental Conditions

Use satellite to transmit data from weather stations at rural mine sites. Remotely measure water quality and flow, control pumps and mining flood control systems.

Improve Safety

Use proactive voice coaching to correct driver behavior in real time. Reduce crashes, fatalities, speeding, aggressive driving and more.
Unlocking Potential
Unearth new mining IoT potential with OGx
Dig deeper into your business potential with OGx: the latest in satellite IoT. Remotely monitor mine sites, control pumps, track machine health and more.

Mining IoT hardware

Start mining smarter with innovative tools at your disposal.
Mining Platform

The Smart, Connected Mine

Combine real-time location systems, RFID, Wi-Fi and sensors into one platform to gain full visibility of above and underground mining operations.
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maximize productivity

Customer experience: maximize productivity

  • Improve safety with trigger and event alerts.
  • Maintain connectivity with dual-mode coverage.
  • Leverage voice coaching for improved driving.
  • Reduce mine visits with remote sensor data.
  • Optimize refueling practices with historical data.
  • Unlock full visibility above and below ground.
Mining Data

Start Mining Data Today

Let our system integrators help you leverage insights from your mining equipment today.
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