Euroscan MX2

Cold Chain Temperature Compliance from the Industry Leader

Transport Refrigeration Monitoring, Fuel Management and More

ORBCOMM’s ruggedized Euroscan MX2 is a HACCP-compliant temperature recorder that provides complete visibility, quality control and tracking for the transport refrigeration market. A communications module, the Euroscan MX2 both stores and sends data for reliable two-way transport refrigeration monitoring.

This global solution provides comprehensive temperature monitoring, fuel management, maintenance, and remote control functionality for refrigerated assets, enabling customers to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, maximize regulatory compliance and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Euroscan MX2 can be integrated with ColdChainView and the AG 400 access gateway for unprecedented real-time monitoring and management for food, pharmaceuticals, live animals, electronics and other refrigerated assets within the cold chain. The result is improved end-to-end operations and total assurance from the product’s point of origin all the way to the end customer.

Euroscan MX2

5 Reasons to Choose the Euroscan MX2 Temperature Recorder for Cold Chain Compliance

1. Ensure Compliance
HACCP-compliant device provides visibility and quality control for refrigerated transportation.

2. Maximize Efficiency and ROI
Two-way cold chain monitoring and control for tracking refrigerated assets.

3. Flexible
Direct connection to cold chain OEM microprocessors for system maintenance notifications, status and more. Easy integration with external communications systems.

4. Remote Control
Easily change configuration remotely using cellular and wireless (Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi) connectivity.

5. Powerful Web Application
Integrate with ColdChainView for unprecedented real-time monitoring and management.

“(ORBCOMM) offers us the technology we need to secure our position in a competitive market. With the technology from Euroscan I know the temperature of our products every second of every day – from our own cold store to the lorry that transports the meat to the butchers, restaurants and supermarkets – we can monitor every step in the refrigerated distribution chain.”

Duncan Bryce, Managing Director, Freestone Group Australia

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