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IoT Development Kits, Tools, and Apps

Enabling VARs and integrators to quicken IoT solution development

ORBCOMM provides a family of tools and resources that enable you to develop, test, and trial your solutions to accelerate your time to market and speed your path to revenue. Our tools and apps enable you to easily integrate our terminals into your IoT and M2M solutions, to solve multiple business challenges and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Development Kits

Our development kits includes all the hardware you need to develop, test and field trial your solution. The kits include a development terminal, Bluetooth capability, cables, free airtime, a quick start guide and support. The key to the development kit is the development terminal, which allows you to develop and test a custom Lua application at your desk without the need for a satellite connection.

Software Toolkit

The software toolkit includes all the tools needed to start writing a terminal application and integrating it with backend software. The software toolkit includes tools like a development environment, a modem simulator, a console command line interface, a messenger application, code samples, and documentation, all available as a download from our support website. The software toolkit includes a comprehensive development environment for building your solution, and sample code to give you a headstart in coding your own terminal app.

Terminal Apps

ORBCOMM terminal apps are configurable terminal applications that include features to address a specific target market. Terminal apps run at the device level and are designed to simplify solution development and reduce programming time and costs. These apps can be used exactly as they are or can be modified to meet specific requirements. In either case, they provide a head start in creating a complete solution. Some of our terminal apps include:

  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)
    Enables simple configuration of a variety of event-based reports and thresholds based on an application’s needs for location tracking, vehicle status, accident reconstruction, sensor status and driver behavior monitoring.
  • J1939
    Extracts information from a vehicle’s J1939 CANbus that can be used to identify usage patterns as part of monitoring engine health, vehicle performance, and driver behavior.
  • Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI)
    Speeds development of navigation, dispatch, and in-vehicle communication features using Garmin Devices.
  • ARC (Alert, Report, Control)
    Collects data from field equipment like storage tanks, valves and flow meters to monitor, track and control remote industrial assets.

Partners can download terminal apps and documentation from our support website.

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"ORBCOMM’s technology combined with the expertise of their field application engineers helped us deliver a solution on time that exceeded customer expectations.”

Martin Cordasco, Company Director, Wiagro