BT 320

Temperature Monitoring Device

Advanced reefer management for trucks and trailers

The BT 320 is an advanced temperature monitoring device for refrigerated trucks and trailers, with two-way reefer control, maintenance scheduling, temperature compliance data, EBS connectivity, refrigerated vehicle tracking, trailer weight monitoring, in-cab reefer monitoring for drivers and real-time alerts.

Integrated with FleetManager — the all-in-one online platform for trucks, reefers, dry trailers and containers — the BT 320 allows customers to continuously monitor and maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo out on the road. With in-cab temperature monitoring, ORBCOMM offers drivers a real-time view of the trailer reefer unit while on the move.

Temperature Monitoring Device: BT 320

5 Reasons to Choose BT 320 for Temperature Monitoring

1. Compatible with any Reefer Unit
The BT 320 interfaces directly to any reefer unit from Carrier, Thermo King and other industry-leading controllers and dataloggers.

2. Two-way Controls
Initiate trailer pre-cooling, defrost, change the reefer state, and adjust the temperature of reefers on the road—all from the back office—with two-way controls.

3. Third-party Integration
Integrates fully with third-party dispatch, logistics and leading transport management system providers..

4. Alerts and Notifications
Instant alerts and notifications for hardware malfunctions, major temperature variations from set points, rapid fuel loss, arrivals/ departures from geofences and more.

5. Fast, Reliable Data
The BT 320 takes advantage of the higher performance and reliability of 4G LTE networks.

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