GT 1100

GPS Trailer Tracking: Solar-Powered and Hassle-Free

Complete Visibility for Tracking Trailers and Containers, Without Maintenance or Frequent Battery Changes

New! ORBCOMM’s LTE-Enabled GT 1100 Devices Certified for Use on AT&T and T-Mobile Networks

ORBCOMM’s GT 1100 is a ruggedized, easy-to-install device with a low profile, making it ideal for tracking trailers, railcars, chassis and containers. The GT 1100 is sensor-compatible and self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption and long service life, which eliminates the need for frequent battery changes.

Available in cellular and dual-mode satellite-cellular configurations, the GT 1100 is optionally integrated with the robust CargoWatch® web application that delivers near-real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, as well as arrival and departure, providing greater visibility and utilization for fleet managers.

GPS trailer tracking: GT 1100

5 Reasons to Choose GT 1100 for Trailer Tracking

1. Low Power Consumption and Self-Powered
Virtually indestructible, sealed and waterproof solar panel provides continuous power to rechargeable batteries for reliable trailer tracking.

2. Long Battery Life, No Maintenance
Hermetically sealed and designed to last for years even in the harshest environments, providing continuous service without maintenance or battery changes.

3. Complete Fleet Visibility
Integrated with ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch® application for virtually unlimited reports on position, sensors, motion start/stop, heartbeat, status and more.

4. Flexible
Add powerful door and cargo sensors for added visibility and reporting.

5. Cost-Effective
Better fleet utilization, less maintenance and lower expenses over time.

GT 1100 with Integrated Cargo Sensor

ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1100 is available as an all-in-one trailer and container tracking solution that integrates the CS 210 cargo sensor for quick and easy installation. The solution is designed for installation outside a loaded or unloaded asset in less than 15 minutes, significantly reducing installation costs and downtime. The state-of-the-art GT 1100 with integrated cargo sensor features LTE support to future proof your solution and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to seamlessly incorporate ORBCOMM’s wireless sensors. A mobile app enables installation support tools on the go to facilitate installation and ongoing support.


“ORBCOMM’s cost-effective telematics solution is the best fit for our trailer tracking requirements based on its unique solar technology, integrated power capability and valuable data reporting features.”

Dan Summitt, President, Swing Transport Inc.

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