GT 1200 Series

GPS Asset Tracking Device: Global Coverage

Solar-powered tracking for dry trailers and containers worldwide

ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1200 series delivers the latest in dry trailer and container tracking technology on land, air and sea. Gain complete visibility of assets virtually anywhere in the world, improve asset utilisation and driver productivity, streamline operations and protect cargo to maximise ROI.

The GT 1200 Series features highly improved solar charging capabilities, cargo sensor, global LTE with fallback to multi-band 3G and 2G networks if 4G isn’t available, and a global sim card that allows devices to switch networks seamlessly and cost-efficiently between geographies. It also provides supports for a wireless BLE door sensor and for wired door sensors, TPMS alert light and temperature probes.

A new solar panel leverages the latest technology to deliver longer-lasting battery life and charging capabilities up to 20 times better than the GT 1100, making recharging possible even in indirect light, on overcast days and in high Northern latitudes. Shipped fully charged, the GT 1200 holds its charge for at least 6 months, allowing for storage before instalment. Once installed, the device can deliver multiple messages per day with limited sun exposure.

The GT 1200 is available as a comprehensive trailer tracking solution that includes connectivity and a customisable application with powerful reports, dynamic dashboards, advanced analytics, two-way commands and more. Customers may also integrate ORBCOMM’s data feed into third-party Transportation Management Systems and proprietary enterprise applications. Also available is an optional satellite accessory that integrates seamlessly with the GT 1200 for increased reliability and improved asset visibility.

The GT 1200 series is available in two variants:

  • GT 1200: Get complete visibility for trailers and containers without maintenance or battery changes with advanced reporting and analytics to help streamline processes and improve efficiencies.
  • GT 1210: This all-in-one, feature-rich tracking device with integrated cargo sensor delivers powerful remote asset management and cargo status detection capabilities with minimum wiring.
GPS trailer tracking: GT 1200

5 Reasons to Choose the GT 1200 Series for Tracking Trailers and Containers

1. Improve operational efficiency
Improve trailer and container utilisation, reduce dwell times, streamline processes, automate inventory and yard management, and minimise theft and unauthorised use. Gain complete visibility of assets and use alerts and onboard geofences to enable strategic business planning.

2. Long-lasting battery
Shipped fully charged, the GT 1200 holds its charge for at least 6 months, allowing for storage before installing. Once installed, the device can deliver multiple messages per day with limited sun exposure.

3. Flexible
Get a turnkey trailer tracking system that includes a customisable application with comprehensive reporting, dynamic dashboards, advanced analytics, two-way remote commands and more. Integrate into third-party Transportation Management Systems and proprietary applications.

4. Simplified installation
Ideally suited for large-scale deployments, the GT 1200 Series can be installed in about 10 minutes to minimise operational disruption. Use on any trailer or container asset type and in any orientation.

5. Built to last
Featuring an improved solar panel with greater charging capacity, the hassle-free GT 1200 Series requires no maintenance for up to 10 years. The devices are built with integrated impact and tamper detection and can withstand extreme weather conditions, dust, shock and vibration.

“We have access to monitor our trailers nationwide through the ORBCOMM platform. Our business runs seven days and seven nights a week; our trucks are manned on double shifts through our fleet utilisation plan — delivering during the day and at night depending on customer’s needs.”

Fergal McLoughlin, Director of Operations, Strandvaus

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