Satellite Tracking Device

Satellite Tracking Device

Simple, Low-Cost, Reliable
ST 2100

Connected almost anywhere

ORBCOMM’s ST 2100 is a reliable satellite tracking device, delivering connectivity to the most remote areas of the world. Rugged and environmentally sealed, the ST 2100 can be installed on both fixed and mobile assets in a variety of applications.

Intuitive by design

Simplified architecture for off-the-shelf, low-cost, two-way satellite messaging.
  • icon Easy Integration
    Bring your solutions to market faster with access to a comprehensive set of integration tools.
  • icon Simple Command Set
    Integrate quickly with external PLCs and general-purpose controllers with the ST 2100’s intuitive AT command set.
  • icon Compact
    A small form factor makes it a versatile choice for a variety of different customer use cases.
  • icon Global Communication
    Powerful IoT satellite connectivity makes the ST 2100 ideal for both fixed asset and fleet management applications.
  • icon Rugged for Any Use Case
    Environmentally sealed (IP67), the ST 2100 provides peace of mind for extended use in IoT and M2M applications.
Succeed with Satellite

Succeed with Satellite

Provide your customers with what they need – solutions driven by strong, reliable satellite connectivity.
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